Sale of paints

Sale of paints

Which powder paints can be obtained from Festa Servis?

We are authorized representatives of Ibachemolak and Ibakimya for the sale of powder coatings in the Czech Republic.

Clearance sale

We sell powder paints from Axalta Coating Systems Germany GmbH at discount prices while stocks last.

The powder paint warehouse is located within the Festa Servis area, Železniční 586/5B, 779 00 Olomouc.



What else can be obtained from Festa Servis?

Surface coating quality assessment

  • The company has its own laboratory, fully equipped with a moisture condensation chamber, salt mist corrosion chamber, spectrophotometer, microscope, glossmeter and other instrumentation.
  • The laboratory has been located directly at the Festa Servis headquarters in Olomouc (Festa servis spol s r.o., Železniční 586/5b) since 2012.

What is a powder paint?

A powder paint (or more generally, powder coating) is a powder that is obtained by melting, grinding and milling a mixture of a resin, pigments, fillers, curing agents and additives. The powder is applied as is (no dilution, no dissolution in any solvent) on the product by using electrostatic or electrokinetic spray guns. This not enough: now the coating must be melted and cured in a dedicated oven. During this procedure, the process conditions specified by the manufacturer must be adhered to.

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