Galvanic zinc coating

Galvanic zinc coating

Zinc coating obtained by galvanization improves the utility properties of the product, e.g. by creating an anticorrosion barrier, by imparting a decorative appearance to the product or by improving other parameters, such as resistance to wear, hardness, electrical conductivity, reflectance, low coefficient of friction and low transition resistance. The competitiveness of the products in the market is thereby improved.

Coatings obtained by galvanizing and passivation provide cathodic anticorrosion protection, especially to steel and cast iron, thereby enhancing the utility properties of the product. Coating is a method to achieve a still higher resistance and lower coefficient of friction. This modifies the performance of the surface and enhances competitiveness of the product in the market.

Hanging zinc coating

The hanging lines are automatic, controlled by a computer. The zinc coating thickness is normally 8 to 12 μm. In order to enhance corrosion resistance, the zinc coating is passivated, either by the thin-layer (“blue”) process without hexavalent chromium or by the thick-layer (“iridescent”) process without hexavalent chromium. The parts can be painted to enhance their corrosion resistance.

  • Hanging line with a weakly acid electrolyte – maximum size 3800 x 580 x 1190 mm
  • Hanging line with an alkaline electrolyte − maximum size 2300 x 580 x 1300 mm.
  • Hanging line with a weakly acid electrolyte – maximum size 3500 x 580 x 1300 mm

Batch processing

Batch processing is performed on a manual drum line. The maximum batch weight is 80 kg.
Maximum part size: 250 mm, maximum weight: 0.5 kg. The coating is 5 μm to 8 μm thick.

The zinc coating process is suitable for small-size parts, fastening material, parts made of cast iron, and the like. Two passivation processes are available: the thin-layer process (“blue layer”) and the thick-layer process (“iridescent layer”).


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