About Us

Our assets include large process capacities, flexibility, understanding of customer needs, and many years‘ experience and expertise in surface finishing, owing to which we can guarantee a consistently high quality of surfaces prepared by us.

The vast majority of our production goes to EU markets, mainly to Germany, France and the Netherlands.

budovaWe launched state-of-the-art technology of galvanization and powder coating on fully automated lines. The process conforms to European standards and meets the most stringent environmental requirements.

The high quality of the surfaces finished by our processes improves the utility properties of the products and hence, competitiveness of the products in the market.

Festa Servis obtained its quality certificate in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2001 in 2004.

In the beginning of 2004, the company Festa Servis was granted an IPPC licence under Act No. 76/2002 Coll. on environmental impact assessment.